For the past 8 years we have been on a quest to find the most fearless individuals alive and discover how they are able to control their mind, body and emotions in the most incredibly dangerous circumstances imaginable. 

This is a film about the psychology of the most fearless people on the planet.

Since we began our research we have personally interviewed, studied under, trained with, observed and spent hundreds of hours filming some of world's most amazing, talented and knowledgeable experts including: 

World class skydivers, US Army special forces soldiers, Airborne Rangers, Navy S.E.A.L.S., Marine Force Recon, DEA agents, shark divers who swim with and hand feed sharks in the open ocean, Venomous snake handlers and snake venom extractors, firewalkers and fire eaters, firemen, law enforcement officers, martial arts experts, suspension performers who hang their bodies from steel hooks, alligator wrestlers, bear trainers, big cat keepers, world famous bull riders, bullfighters, high rise construction and steel workers, hang glider and experimental aircraft pilots, spearfishemen, big wave surfers, rock climbers, near death survivors and heroes of all shapes and sizes.  

Not only have we studied these people and their methods first hand, we have participated in many ultra hazardous activities with them risking our lives again and again in order to get a closer look into their amazing world of mental and emotional control.

We are also interviewing the worlds leading experts; doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists and researchers to learn more about the science of fear and how it affects society and our every day lives.

The Fearless Documentary will educate you, entertain you, terrify you and inspire you. But most of all we hope this film will help liberate you from the greatest enemy we all face...FEAR.

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Scott Goodknight 

Stephanie Hunter



Enjoy a few quick videos from some of the 50+ experts Scott and Stephanie have interviewed so far.

Hand Feeding Sharks

Free Handling King Cobras

Scott and Stephanie Swim with Sharks

Western Diamondback Venom Extraction


About the Producers

Scott Goodknight was raised in a small town in North Texas with old school conservative beliefs and values. 

In stark contrast Stephanie Hunter was raised just outside New York City with a more progressive view of the world.

Scott dropped out of college at 18 joined the Army and quickly completed two of the most dangerous and difficult courses the military has to offer; US Army Airborne School and US Army Ranger School.

It was during these trainings and subsequent duty assignments that Scott discovered how to control his fear and take action despite the potential for death or serious injury.

Stephanie had a dream to work in the Big Apple, New York City, a cultural mecca of different beliefs, values and lifestyles. 

Until the unthinkable happened...

Despite the horrors of 911 she perused her dream and worked for several years in NYC in the aftermath of the greatest terrorist attack in US history.

Scott and Stephanie met in 2010 at a Native American Sweat-lodge in North Georgia on the Winter Solstice.

Almost immediately they began discussing the destructive force of FEAR wreaking havoc on society, businesses, families and individual lives. 

They both agreed something deeper was happening. FEAR was now being used as a tool of mass control. 

The effect has been a massive loss of mental and emotional power for the individual. People now live in more fear than almost any time in modern history despite the fact almost all of our natural threats have been eliminated. 

Who is to blame?

How did this happen?

What are the consequences?

How can a person regain control over their mind and emotions and eliminate the unnatural, self destructive fears that have been "programmed" into people over the past decade?

The Fearless Documentary is a story of two very different people from two very different walks of life on a quest to find solutions to the most challenging problem we are facing today, FEAR.